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3 Design Trends influencing web design in 2015 - 4Kweb4Kweb

3 Design Trends influencing web design in 2015

web designer trends

Line Icons and Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are making a big impact with both designers and online visitors. Ghost buttons are described as “empty” and “hollow.” They are bordered by the thin line with plain text (in sans serif) inside them to encourage website visitors to click the button and take them to an offer or a landing page.

The buttons/icons are simple aestheticaly which appear lighter and act as support to larger full width and more colourful photography or design illustrations. They also compliment the flat, and now material, design styles that is ever growing in popularity.

They also have become integral to the flat interface style that has grown popular in the past few years.

They appear as if they are transparent, which explains the ghost name, and do not overly standout, but still prove to be effective calls to action and grab website visitors attention due to their simple minimalist appearance. That is why web designers, seo experts and client love them!

Google used ghost buttons to allow for an uninterrupted image of the tablet product in use. This design takes the focus away from the text, and focuses on the Google tablet being used by the young child.

nexus 7 web design

The example below from Verbal & Visual used a filtered image to bring more attention to the light text and action button, which looks as if it has risen above the image.

ghost text example

These combinations of techniques helps to draw site visitors straight to the content you want them to see.

Material Design

In 2014, Google published the material design specification with a goal to provide guidelines for good design and beautiful UI across all device form factors. In 2015 we have seen this design philosophy move onto Android mobile and table devices.

Below you can see an example of material design in Google’s messenger app.

Google Messenger

nimbusnine.co shows the use of material design in their website.



Full Screen Video

Video has always been an important tool in communicating with web visitors. It especially works well when designing websites for bands, luxury brands, fashion shows, advertising campaigns or film and TV.

Apple used this to great effect with the launch of the new Apple Watch.

apple watch

Here is another example of full width video used be web designers in 2015, filmmaker living in Austin, Texas films.bybrettjohnson.com

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