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5 Web Design Trends for 2016 - 4Kweb4Kweb

5 Web Design Trends for 2016


Web design thrives equally upon two parts: innovation and imitation. In other words, we all like to seize upon the latest and greatest trends and techniques, use them until they’re ubiquitous, and start looking for the next big thing. The first part of the year is the perfect time to start searching for such addendums, so let’s explore the techniques that will make a big splash in the latter half of this decade.

1. The ‘Hamburger’ menu

Some people love it others hate it, one thing is for certain is that this has become easily recognisable due to its widespread use.

5 web design trends

2. Long scrolling websites

Placing all your important elements at the top of your homepage is now a well-known myth. Thanks to smartphones almost everyone is accustomed to long scrolls. The technique works especially well for sites that want to guide users through storytelling, and you can still mimic a multi-page site by breaking the scroll into clear sections.


3. Card Layouts

Pioneered by Pinterest and now more so with Google Now, Android Lollipop and Marshmallow, cards are everywhere on the web because they present information in bite-sized chunks perfect for quick reading.

cards web design trends


4. Less stock images more in house photography

We’re starting to see more and more websites avoid the use of stock images and instead use more in house photography over something that feels much more designed and personal to the site itself. There is no doubt that using real images to show off your product/service offers a more bespoke look to a website.

web trends 2016 stock images

5. Material design takes off

We mentioned this in our Top 3 Web Design Trends 2015  post but the adoption has been a bit slow. However, designers now have a better understanding of Material design and we anticipate they will start opting to use it more in their designs as documentation and examples become more widespread in 2016.

Material design 2016


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